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dream and will you disappear...
"A Little Rain": you've taken a real broken-down tramp steamer of a song and turned it into this ethereal, somnambulant, slow motion ice-skating rink dream. The vocals make me think of The Blue Fairy from know the one that was going to turn him into a real boy. I love it" -- Tex Wagner (Oct '08)

"Passion seeps through the amazing work of Ghezzi. With conditioned focus and ardent courage, her voice and song writing will awaken your soul." -- Danny Rosin (President, co-founder, Band Together)

"Ghezzi's voice is like a fine Renoir"- Peter Hoyle (Director of Education NJ Opera Theater, Board of Metropolitan Opera)

"In 30 years of slugging it out in the music industry, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with more than a few gifted singers AND songwriters...Ghezzi is at the top of both lists." -- Scott Sawyer

"Hi Ghezzi, I am so glad I get to introduce your great music to my listeners. It has been a pleasure listening to your music and sharing it. Keep making great music, the world needs to hear it. You are a brilliant and gifted artist." -- Chris Unknown, DJ; 89.3 WUMD (Oct '08)

"Ghezzi's vision is SO in focus...... As a listener you are immediately transported to where she needs to take you. And if you are among the fortunate to work with her in the studio, it's one serious yet pleasurable trip. Quite the artist, that Ghezzi......." -- Kenny Soule (session/touring drummer: Nantucket, Dag, Go There)

""Don't Tempt Me" rocks with an Iggy type vibe, love it." -- Rich Bloom The Bramblemen (Oct '08)

"I LOVE your music, what a range of style and emotions, Don't Tempt Me is fantastic!" -- Jimmy Carpenter (Oct '08)

(Atlantic City): "better than the boss! great singing" -- Meat Xylophone (UK, Aug '08)